We are specialists in the field of structural and material engineering, providing Forensic and Assessment Consultancy and Testing (FACT) services for various structures in buildings and other infrastructures. We are registered with the CIDB as a specialist in CE35 (Concrete Testing).



Our services can be categorised into the following major activities
Structural Forensic & Failure Investigation

  • Forensic and fFailure iInvestigation will determine the probable cause of distress and failures, including ascertaining whether any illegal or improper activity was causative;
  • Assessment of the damages caused whether to materials and/or main components of structures, so as to identify the components that are in imminent danger ofr further collapse, and also to determine the safety of the unaffected areas;
  • Evaluation of affected structures so that the repair, rehabilitation, and / or strengthening could be proposed with cost estimates to bring the structure to acceptable safe conditions;
  • Preventive solution will be recommended to avoid repeat of similar incidents or accidents.


Structural Engineering Consultancy & Supervision

  • Full spectrum of services for safe, cost-effective and sustainable engineering design consultancy and solutions;
  • Full or part time construction supervision to ensure compliance with drawings and specifications throughout the construction stages.

Structural Condition Assessment

  • Service provided to check the structural condition and adequacy of existing structures using various assessment techniques and approaches;
  • Visual examination of the existing structure framing members and inspection for indications of structural distress;
  • Assessment of the extent and probable causes of any observed damages;
  • Field measurement and testing, document search and analysis to develop as-built drawings.

Structural Audit

  • Overall health and performance check-up of structures to ensure that the structure and its premises are safe with minimum risks;
  • Provide structural demolition audit services to ensure the safety of public during demolition works.

Structural Field & Laboratory Testing, Instrumentation & Monitoring

  • Examines the durability, quality and strength of existing structural and other common construction materials through material sampling, laboratory and in-situ testing.
  • Detection, measurement, and monitoring of changes in performance of structure, using. H high-performance sensors or gauges are used to monitor defects, anomalies and effect of weather in structures.

With state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, our dedicated team of engineers and experienced personnel provide both preventive and reactive forensic engineering expertise to assess and prevent structural collapse, and evaluate the cause of failures, post-incident.

“In-depth technical knowledge and experience”


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