19 Aug 2023
Ulu Klang, 19th August 2023 — In a groundbreaking event that highlighted the importance of community involvement in infrastructure development, a fruitful dialogue session was held between IKRAM Works Sdn Bhd (IWSB), Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ), and the Ulu Klang community. The discussion focused on slope maintenance, a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and sustainability of the Ulu Klang area.
IWSB, the renowned design and build contractor, had been entrusted by MPAJ to undertake slope failure remedial works at Taman Bukit Permai. As the project approached its final phase, IWSB and MPAJ were invited by SeDAR Malaysia-Japan to participate in the dialogue session held at Dewan Komuniti MPAJ Dewan Bukit Mulia.
The dialogue proved to be a remarkable platform for an exchange of ideas and concerns. Technical presentations elucidated the intricacies of slope maintenance and its pivotal role in averting potential hazards. The Ulu Klang community actively participated in a comprehensive question-and-answer session, where their queries were met with detailed explanations from both IWSB and MPAJ representatives.
This event underscored the significance of collaboration between local authorities, contractors, and the community in ensuring the success of infrastructure projects. The engagement showcased a remarkable synergy, as experts shared insights while addressing local apprehensions. The session did not merely serve as a platform for communication but as a means to build trust and mutual understanding.
“This dialogue signifies a paradigm shift in how infrastructure development is approached. The community’s involvement and feedback are invaluable in shaping projects that harmonize with the neighborhood’s needs.” Dato Ts Haji Mohd Taufik Bin Haron, CEO IWSB.
The dialogue’s success was underscored by the active participation of Ulu Klang residents who expressed appreciation for the opportunity to voice their concerns and receive clarifications. The event’s positive outcomes bode well for fostering stronger ties between developers, local authorities, and the community, ultimately contributing to safer and more resilient living environments.
As the curtain fell on this milestone dialogue, it was evident that the collaborative spirit demonstrated could serve as a model for future infrastructure projects. The event exemplified the power of open communication and knowledge sharing, transcending traditional boundaries and uniting stakeholders for a common purpose.

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