Construction Product Certification

As a leading engineering products and materials certification and testing body in Malaysia, our world-class product quality assurance services are relied upon by our customers as a solid foundation for their profitable and sustainable business performance.



  • Our fully owned IKRAM QA’s Product Certification Scheme is based on the International Standard ISO/IEC 17065 for the testing of product and assessment of the quality system involved. Surveillance of the quality system is conducted and samples of the product are taken from the market or at the point of production, or both, and are assessed for ongoing conformity.
  • IKRAM QA product certification is complemented and supported by its Material Testing laboratory which provides a wide range of testing facilities and capabilities for
    independent testing services. Apart from IKRAM QA product certification testing needs, the Material Testing Laboratory also provides services to the public and private sectors who
    are acting as project supervisors, contractors and material suppliers for the construction sector. The Material Testing Laboratory is accredited to MS ISO/IEC 17025.


Personnel Certification

  • Professional & Technical Training
    IKRAM Skills & Retraining Academy serves as the complementary unit in supporting IKRAM Services towards providing “Total Integrated Engineering Solutions”. We provide professional and technical training for government and private sectors in their Capacity Building programmes locally and internationally.
  • Skills & Vocational Training
    We have positioned ourselves as one of the reputable training centres providing upskilling and re-skilling programmes for both government and private sectors, domestically and internationally.

“ Well recognised in construction product & personnel certification”


Contact Person

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For Product :

Mohamad Akhir Abdullah


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For Personal Certification :

To Be Announced

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