16 Aug 2023
Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), August 16th, 2023- IKRAM Works Sdn Bhd (IWSB), a distinguished name in the field of engineering, took the spotlight as the guest speaker at the IUKL Industrial Professional Talk Series (I-PROTAS 23’). The event, organized by Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), aimed to foster collaboration between industry and academia for a brighter future.

Dato’ Ir. Ts. Hj. Mohd Taufik Bin Haron, the esteemed CEO of IWSB, captivated the audience as he delved into the riveting topic of “Case Study of Slope Failure at Bukit Permai.” The presentation not only shed light on the catastrophic events of slope failures globally but also ventured into the intricacies of slope analysis,with a special focus on the critical Factor of Safety (F.O.S) analysis.

With a captivating start, Dato’ Ir. Ts. Hj. Mohd Taufik Bin Haron engaged the attendees with video footage showcasing slope failures from around the world. This visual journey set the tone for the technical aspects that followed. The theory of slope analysis took center stage, with an emphasis on the foundational formulas and meticulous calculations that determine the safety level of slopes.

The heart of the presentation revolved around the Bukit Permai Case Study, an eye-opening account of slope failures that left an indelible mark. Through compelling photographs, the audience was confronted with the stark realities of the slope failure, including the tragic loss of lives, buried vehicles, and impacted homes. Dato’ Ir. Ts. Hj. Mohd Taufik Bin Haron  adeptly guided the audience through the process of thorough slope investigations, beginning with Desk Study and Site Data Collection, progressing through Analysis & Design, and culminating in the generation of comprehensive reports.

One of the notable highlights was his exploration of diverse construction design methods for slope remedial works, offering a comprehensive perspective on addressing such critical issues. As the presentation neared its conclusion, Dato’ Ir. Ts. Hj. Mohd Taufik Bin Haron drew intriguing parallels between the subject matter and the realm of Industrial Revolution 4.0, underscoring the integration of technology in tackling complex challenges.

The session concluded with an engaging “Question & Answer” segment, during which the audience had the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter. The event culminated in a vibrant group photo session, capturing the essence of collaboration and shared knowledge.
The IUKL Industrial Professional Talk Series (I-PROTAS 23’) not only provided an insightful exploration of slope failures but also showcased the meaningful bridge between industry expertise and academic pursuits. IKRAM Works Sdn Bhd’s participation as a guest speaker left an indelible mark, further cementing their role as a pivotal contributor to the field of engineering and safety management.

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