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Pavement Traffic & Transportation Engineering

   → Pavement Testing
    o Field Testing

      •  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey
        •  Pavement Layer Thickness Measurement
        •  Void Detection at Bridge Approaches
        •  Utilities Detection (New Item)
      •  Macro Texture Depth Measurement using Mini Texture Meter (MTM)
      •  Road Profile and Roughness Measurement using Walking Profiler
      •  Surface Irregularity Test using Rolling Straight Edge
      •  Transverse Irregularity Test using Rolling Straight Edge
      •  Skid Resistance Test using Pendulum Tester
      •  Trial Pit
        •  Excavate trial pit of size 1m x 1m, up to subgrade level and carry out logging and mapping side wall and backfilling
      •  Field Density Test (FDT) Using
      •  Sand replacement method (small pouring cylinder method)
      •  Sand replacement method (large pouring cylinder method)
      •  Percentage Refusal Density (PRD) Test
      •  In-situ CBR using Clegg Hammer

    o Laboratory Testing

      •  Aggregate Testing
        •  Aggregate Crushing Value
        •  Aggregate Impact Value
        •  Angularity Number
        •  Chloride Content
        •  Elongation Index
        •  Flakiness Index
        •  Los Angeles Abrasion Value
        •  Polished-stone Value
        •  Silt/Clay Content
        •  Ten Percent Fines Value
        •  Unconfined Compressive Strength of rock Core
        •  Aggregate Stripping Test
        •  Methylene Blue Test
        •  Procter Test
        •  Sieve Analysis
      •  Bitumen Test
        • Ductility
          •  Engler Viscosity
          •  Kinematic Viscosity
          •  Particle Charge
          •  Penetration Test
          •  pH of Aquaeous Solution
          •  Residue & Oil Distillate by Distillation
          •  Residue by Evaporation
          •  Residue on Sieving
          •  Saybolt Furol Viscosity
          •  Settlement
          •  Sieve Test
          •  Softening Point
          •  Solubility Test
          •  Storage Stability
          •  Water Content
        • Workability
          •  Binder Content
          •  Bitumen Density
          •  Binder Drain – loose sample from client
          •  Binder Drain with sample preparation
          •  Binder Recovery
          •  Brookfield Viscosity
          •  Drop in Penetration Ductility on Residue
          •  Elastic Recovery
          •  Flash Point
          •  Loss of Heating of Oil and Asphaltic Compounds
          •  Penetration on Residue
          •  Prepare Binder Modification
          •  Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (RTFOT)
          •  Specific Gravity
          •  Thin Film Oven Test (TFOT)
        •  Premix Test
          •  Marshall Test
          •  Making Test Specimen
          •  Preparation specimen from loose sample
          •  Density of Test Specimen
          •  Determination of Voids
          •  Measurement of Flow & Stability
          •  Determination of Binder Content
          •  Grading of Mineral Aggregate
          •  Resilient Modulus
          •  Indirect Tensile Test – ITS
          •  Dynamic Creep Modulus / Repeated Load Axial Test
          •  Cantabro
          •  Fatigue Test
          •  Wheel Tracking
          •  Making of Wheel Tracking Specimen
          •  Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity
          •  Water Susceptibility
          •  Jet Fuel Immersion
      •  Laboratory Mix Design
        • Conventional Mixes
          •  Dense Bituminous Macadam (DBM)
          •  Asphaltic Concrete Binder Course (ACBC)
          •  Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course (ACWC)
        • Wet Mix Macadam
        • Technology Mixes
          •  Hot In Place Recycling (HIPR)
          •  Cold In Place Recycling with Cement (CIPR+C)
          •  Cold In Place recycling with Emulsion (CIPR+E)
          •  Cold In Place Recycling with Lime (CIPR+L)
          •  Foam Bitumen Recycling (FOAM)
        • Modified Mix
        • Porous Mix
        • Modified Binder
          •  Very Thin Overlay (VTO)
          •  Drainage Asphalt (Drainage)
        • Cement Stabilized Mixes
        • Preparation, remoulding, curing, specimen or compressive strength

   → Pavement & Traffic Data Collection
    o Data Collection

      •  Mobilisation & Demobilisation
      •  High Speed Surface Condition and Inventory Survey using IRKAM Road Scanner
      •  Pavement strength measurement using Falling Weight Deflectometers
      •  Manual Surface Condition Survey
      •  Extraction of Asphalt Core (4”dia)
      •  Extraction of Asphalt Core (6”dia)
      •  Pavement layer thickness and in-situ CBR measurement using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
      •  Skid Resistance Test using Grip Tester
      •  Conduct 8 hours vehicle classification count using manual/automatic Traffic Counter
      •  Conduct 16 hours Axle Load Study using Portable Weigh Bridge
      •  Traffic Control / Management
      •  Data Coding for RAMS format

Update work Histories and Generate work Plan Using HDM-4 for reach data collection survey zone

   → Pavement & Traffic Consultancy, R&D & Forensic
    o Forensic Investigation

      •  Field and Laboratory testing
      •  Review of contract agreement, drawings and relevant documents
      •  Data analysis, interpretation of results, compilation of report, presentation and recommendation

    o Consultancy Services

      •  Project level Pavement evaluation and rehabilitation
      •  Design including data analysis, interpretation of results, design options and recommendation
      •  Provision of construction supervision services (Quality Assurance & Quality Control)
      •  Travel demand study – The traffic stimulation models can be developed to replicate the current traffic flow as well as simulate the future flow. The studies included:-

                                        - Travel Demand Feasibility Studies
                                        - Traffic and Revenue Forecasts
                                        - Traffic and Road Feasibility Studies
                                        - Cost benefits assessment


      •  Traffic dispersal assessment / traffic impact assessment – To evaluate the accessibility, traffic circulation, junction configuration and traffic light phasing of a development or road project to verify its effectiveness.
      •  Assessment of 3rd party traffic conceptual plan and travel demand forecast – To assess in terms of its study approach, assumptions, parameter adopted and the engineering conceptual design

    o QA / QC

      •  Road Construction Audit
      •  Quarry Audit

    o Research Development

      •  Research and Development (R&D) Evaluation, Implementation and / or performance monitoring of new technology and / or paving materials.
      •  New road technologies – To investigate the possible implementation of new road technology into local context and to advise client (Government) on its advantage, disadvantage and its practicality for implementation. For example, investigation of new traffic detection technologies e.g. infra-red, microwave, machine vision and etc.
      •  Effectiveness of road furniture & road safety equipment – To assess the effectiveness of the road furniture and road safety devices in terms of crash reduction, cost & benefit and functionality; and
      •  Transportation economic – To investigate the economic parameters for adoption into Malaysia environment. These agreed parameters can be used as the base for assessing technical and financial viability of Government projects.


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