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Project Management, Asset Management, & Construction

   → Project Management Consultancy
    o Feasibility Studies
    o Development Planning & Management
    o Project Planning & Management
    o Design Management, Technical Audit & Value Engineering
    o Procurement & Contract Management
    o Construction Supervision & Management
    o Project Information System

  → Asset Management Consultancy
    o Asset (Building, Slope etc ) Condition Assessment
    o Rehabilitation Works
    o Facilities Management, Operation and Maintenance
    o Slope Hazard & Risk
    o Seismic Hazard & Risk
   o Infrastructure Modeling
   o Asset Management System Development
   o Managing Agent for F.M
   o Flood mitigation and management
   o River quality management

  → Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control
    o Materials
    o Workmanship
    o Products
    o Equipment & Appratus
    o Plant & Machinery
    o Testing & Commissioning


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