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Structural & Material Engineering

     → Material Testing
       o Field Testing

      •  Concrete cover survey using cover meter
      •  Concrete carbonation test
      •  Concrete surface hardness test using rebound hammer
      •  Ultrasonic pulse velocity measurement
      •  Rebar corrosion probability test using half-cell potential meter
      •  Rebar corrosion probability test using concrete resistivity meter
      •  Rebar confirmation test using cover meter
      •  Screed soundness test using BRE screed tester
      •  In-situ material sampling for detailed laboratory testing: concrete cores, dust samples and rebars

      o Laboratory Testing

      •  Concrete core compressive strength test
      •  Concrete density test
      •  Concrete porosity and sorption test
      •  Concrete absorption test
      •  Cement content test
      •  Chloride content test
      •  Sulphate content test
      •  Concrete mix composition analysis
      •  Petrographic examination


→ Field Data Collection
     o Visual Condition Survey
     o Underwater Visual Inspection
     o Dilapidation Survey
     o Dimensional Survey
     o Delamination Survey

    → Instrumentation & Monitoring
     o Crack Movement Monitoring
     o Building Settlement Monitoring

    → Consultancy, R&D, and Forensic
     o Periodical Inspection of Buildings in accordance to Section 85A of the Street, Drainage and Building Act ( Act 133)
     o Structural integrity assessment
     o Material condition assessment
     o Annual Bridge Inspection
     o Heritage asset/ infrastructure consultancy (including HAB 1,2,3)
     o Failure forensic investigation
     o Fire damage assessment
     o Structural rehabilitation & strengthening design
     o Supervision of structural rehabilitation & strengthening works
     o Research and development
     o Demolition work audit
     o Structure redundancy system risk assessment


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