Quality Policy

We strive to consistently exceed our clients' needs and expectations by providing services and products of world-class quality. To ensure our success in doing so, we commit ourselves to working closely with our clients and suppliers. We strive to continuously improve our capabilities and process, and to perform our duties effectively. In all these, we shall adhere to our company's policies and procedures.

In implementing our Quality Policy, we aim to achieve a level of quality that is recognised internationally and accredited by independent quality accreditation and certification bodies. 

We have success in attaining:

  • ISO 9002 for Ikram College of Technology in January 2001
  • ISO 9001 for the Institute of Training and Extension Education of Ikram Latihan Sdn Bhd, in April 2001
  • ISO 9001 for Ikram Central of Ikram Services Sdn Bhd in September 2001

Quality shall continue to be maintained and exceeded as we work towards achieving excellence in

"Engineering the Nations Progress".


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