11 Jan 2024

Kajang, January 2024 – In a strategic move to enhance the professional development of its engineering workforce, Ikram Works Sdn Bhd recently hosted a distinguished speaker from the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Mr. Ir. Mohd Noramil Bin Mohd Daril, a representative of BEM, delivered an enlightening talk on the ‘Road to Professional Engineer (PE) / Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate (PEPC)’ at the company’s headquarters in Kajang on January 11, 2024.

      The session, attended by a total of 15 dedicated engineers from Ikram Works Sdn Bhd, aimed to provide insights and guidance on the accreditation process with BEM. The event was part of the company’s broader initiative to optimize the number of employees accredited by BEM, aligning with future goals and industry standards.

      The informative talk covered key aspects of the journey towards becoming a Professional Engineer (PE) or obtaining a Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate (PEPC). Mr. Ir. Mohd Noramil Bin Mohd Daril shared valuable information on the accreditation requirements, professional responsibilities, and the significance of achieving these esteemed certifications in the engineering field.

      Employees from various engineering disciplines within the company actively participated in the session, engaging in discussions and gaining valuable insights into the rigorous standards set by BEM. The interactive nature of the talk facilitated a better understanding of the steps involved in achieving professional recognition, fostering a sense of commitment among the engineers to pursue excellence in their careers.

      The event not only served as a platform for knowledge-sharing but also strengthened the company’s relationship with BEM. Ikram Works Sdn Bhd remains steadfast in its commitment to investing in the continuous development of its engineering talent, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving industry landscape.

      As Ikram Works Sdn Bhd continues to prioritize professional excellence, the insights gained from Mr. Ir. Mohd Noramil Bin Mohd Daril’s talk will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s efforts to have a growing number of accredited Professional Engineers and Professional Engineers with Practising Certificates within its ranks.

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