22 May 2023
Monday, 22nd May 2023. In collaboration with the government programme National Training Week 2023, IKRAM offered a number of free training sessions to the public. IKRAM Free Training Session in Conjunction with National Training Week 2023 is the title of the event. This event was arranged to provide people with more information and exposure regarding technology adoption for the Engineering and Construction division as well as the chance to learn more in-depth information about IKRAM’s business. Additionally, this event was specifically planned to support CIDB Malaysia’s Construction 4.0 Strategic Plan (2021-2025). This all-day event was held at Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Three training sessions—Introduction to BIM, Road Construction & Quality Control, and Introduction to Pavement Forensic Investigation—were offered to registrants by IKRAM on that day.

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