Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering Division (CED) is one of the divisions which conducts projects related to construction industry. With the grade G7 and G3 licence issued by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia, permit Kumpulan IKRAM Sdn Bhd to undertake Civil Engineering Construction projects.

CED has built good reputation  throughout its establishment and has met all project requirements within specified time frame.

Our expertise include:

The construction division strives to be a major player in the construction industry on a local and global scale. We hope to achieve this by aggressively participating in the tendering process in Malaysia and internationally, with the required expertise and experiences to deliver on the projects that we are bidding for.

Our absolute priority is client satisfaction, through which our division has always delivered its projects rapidly without any compromise on quality, resulting in fater and more efficient returns on investment (ROI).

The outstanding performance of the CED has distinguished the Kumpulan IKRAM Sdn Bhd among its peers as a reliable contractor that completes its projects well in advance.


We carry out construction of design and build projects in civil and structural works (building, bridge, slopes, road, etc.)

Scope of Works: Soil Nailing Works

Scope of Works: Grid


We also carry out construction of conventional projects in civil & structure (Building, bridge, slopes, road, etc.)

  • Involve 2 Rivers, Klang River 
  • Total Length: 10.7 km
  • RM 31.5 Million project value

Under Construction Engineering Division (CED) two (2) bridges has been constructed at federal highway FT002, WP Kuala Lumpur. This project  includes the construction of two (2) overhead motorcycle lane bridge, upgrading drainage system, widening motorcycle lane road, upgrading lightning system before, after and inside tunnel and also making good all the ingress and egress along the 16.2 km federal highway motorcycle lane road.


In the advent of technology we are constantly adapting and improvised to help our clients to monitor their assets to its full safe and sound.
We are combining GIS and engineering elements to drive innovation initiative in managing slope and assets management efficiently for safer hilly development by producing interactive hazard and risk map. With the innovation of interactive spatial application, it will assist our clients in smart way in managing their assets.

  • Technology and innovation are paving the way today for our business tomorrow, and we are constantly finding new ways in order to create new solutions that will help our clients optimize the projects and assets to their full potential.
  • We are committed to improve efficiency, accelerate performance and deliver innovative instrumentation solutions through various monitoring and supervision technology platforms.
  • The digital revolution had open new dimension of instrumentation monitoring using laser technology and real time monitoring has opened up immense opportunities for us to revolutionize our services. Our digitalization efforts, have enabled us to set new benchmarks as we move away from traditional, less optimal processes.

  • Our CED also provided services for instrumentation and monitoring works based on the client’s requirement. Examples of our deliverables are shown below:

    Example of Deliverables from Instrumentation & Monitoring Works


    Abd Razif Abd Malek
    Senior Manager, Construction Engineering Division Phone: +603-87383601