Asset & Project Management



Our Asset and Project Management Group provide asset and project management consultancy as well as management information system development. They can readily undertake feasibility studies for development, and project planning and management; design management, technical audit and value engineering; and procurement, construction and contract management.



Asset Management Consultancy

  • We carry out asset management consultancy services which include asset (building, slope, etc.) condition assessment and rehabilitation works; facilities management, operation and maintenance; slope and seismic hazard and risk; infrastructure modelling; as well as river quality and flood mitigation management.

Project Management Consultancy

  • We strive to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our services, and enforce strict quality control over materials; workmanship; plant, machinery and equipment; and testing and commissioning works to provide quality assurance for our clients’ peace of mind.

Asset & Project Management System Development

  • We also carry out consultancy services in asset management system development & project information system. Through a system-based approach, our clients benefit enormously especially in the decision making process for their asset maintenance programme and project development by having access to readily available integrated data.

“ Precision planning and effective execution are the keys to profitability”


Contact Person


Ir. Sobri bin Aziz